We focus on quality, technology, reputation, and producing first-class design solutions. We strive to be people-oriented and focus on developing and implementing high technology, offering services for our client with sincerity and trust.
Our technicians have a depth of construction experience, gained from our projects in China and around the world. We have a united, innovative design and engineering team, experienced management, and a full set of advanced processing and testing facilities.

Our services:
1. Floating docks: consultation, design and construction of yacht marinas, harbor engineering, transportation docks, recreational docks etc.
2. Floating villas, houses, recreation places, platforms, stages, restaurants, canteens, hotels etc.
3. Pontoon bridges: landscape pontoon bridges, steel traffic bridges, wooden pontoon bridges etc.
4. Consultation, design, and construction of water carriages, water conservancy and harbor projects
5. Yacht club consultation, planning, promotion, business invitation & investment attraction